Introducing the terms and conditions

Making contact

You tell us about your need for training at least 7 days before the envisaged
date. We send you a questionnaire, if any, on the prerequisites, for each part.


At the end of the return of the questionnaire, we draw up a quote, a date and the course. Eventually a training agreement for care purposes, had been offered to you. T

his takes into account your need and level. So at this stage, a "standard" training may suffice, or we offer a la carte training.

Acceptance and training

Once the quote has been accepted and received (mail/mail), we will send you a confirmation. On D-Day, we go to the training site usually 1/2 to 1 hour before the start in order to familiarize ourselves with the places and to set up the necessary devices (PC/portable/Video projection, network …)

The course will be as follows:1 – presentat
ion of the trainer2 – pres
entation of the training day, and curriculum3 – pre
sentation of trainees and their expectations4 –
distribution of attendance sheets /signature of trainees5 –
training program6 – pra
ctical cases carried out by trainees if necessary and according to the material availab
le.7 – evaluation of train
ees8 – questions/ans
wers9 – evaluation of th
e trainer10 – sending training certificates to tra
inees11 – collection of remarks for improvement