This individual training aims to learn how to independently manage the social networks of his company, be it Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter… The training is customizable as needed.


This training is aimed at anyone who wants to set up and manage the social networks of this company.

It will be necessary to determine before the training whether the creation of the account will take place during the training or in advance of the training by us.

The trainee must know how to use a computer in his basic functions (file management, file types, copy/paste…). Have basic knowledge about internet use (navigator, search engine, url…).

Training program:

Duration: 2 days, divided into 4 half-days, or according to the pace of the trainee.

1 – Determining the specific needs of the company's customers

  • Customer goals on social networks
  • Defining customer targets
  • Determine what content the customer wants to share
  • Paid advertising and publishing boost.

2 – Social networking

  • General presentation of the interface of the selected social networks
  • Comments
  • News Feed and Publications
  • Introducing the different types of publications possible
  • Manage and expand your community.
  • Create accounts and optimize them
  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest

3 – Publication planning

  • Introducing a publication schedule
  • Defining the frequency of publication
  • Determining the type of content to be published
  • Planning over 15 or 30 days.

4 – Optimizing publications

  1. Advice on writing publications
  2. Schedule or anti-date a post
  3. Image size

5 – Introducing the tools

  • Presentations of tools to facilitate preparatory work, configuration, automatic searches, composition images
  • Program publications with the tools on offer
  • Statistics to follow
  • Different tools to improve the publishing flow.

6 – Practical work

  • Setting up the publication schedule
  • Study of sources of information
  • Making images, writing texts, etc.

Programming of a minimum of 15 days of publications