This training is aimed primarily at anyone who is curious and willing to take ownership of their computer tools, to be autonomous, to beginners or to the person who wants to "get back on track"…

Goals of our training :De
you discover the BA-BA of a PC and finally understand why a PC, laptop or server are really different and why their prices differ depending on what you put in it … To make you aware
of the law: why official licenses are preferable to pirated licenses… To make you aware to pro
tect yourself with an antivirus and a firewall, at a minimum. To give yo
u the essential basics of Windows 10.De you di
scover simple, and not necessarily hidden, windows features that are highly useful. T
o give you autonomy, and confidence in windows, the Microsoft Office suite, in the installation of a printer, a BlueTooth device …

Learn about your computer tools

Duration: 2:30

Pre-requisite: none

What's a PC, a laptop, a server, a tablet? What does t
he software and licensing law say? What's the
point of protecting yourself with an antiviru
s? Understand labels and configurations so you don't get having to go to the merchant. Q

Windows – the basics

Duration: 2:30

Pre-requisite: know how to use a mouse and a PC keyboard.

Discovery of Windows 10 Family and PRO. To bec
ome familiar with a specific "language" so that you will no longer be dumped.
Use the file explorer. Use
the desk, the files. Get into
good habits. The taskba
r. Shortcuts. T
he configura
tion panelPlay a prin
ter, a BlueTooth device… Make his littl
e network. Useful s
tandard tools. Search f
or a file. Exerci

Microsoft office – the basics and more … finally autonomous!

Duration: 3 hours

Pre-requisite: know how to use a mouse and a PC keyboard.

What's the point of buying Microsoft Office when there's a free suite? Di
scover WordDi
scover ExcelDi
scover Powerpoint.Ex